Everything you need to know about comic book creation

Being the author of a famous comic book is a dream that many creators aspire to. Like with any artistic venture, it’s easy to lose momentum and let your comic book ideas crumble into the monotony of time. Here are some basic pointers to make sure your comic book creation is successful.

1.  Do it for the love of it
Not all comic books are commercial successes. In fact, very few of them are. If you’ve decided to make a comic book, then you need to be doing it for love and not money. Those making comics to benefit financially almost always fail. The most successful comic book creators take years to build a following and often make money from a different job.

2. Be ready for a hustle
As an independent creator, you need to wear all the hats of a businessman. You are in charge of promotions, finance, quality and sales. Be prepared to hustle your way to the top. There is no place for humility in the cutthroat capitalist society of today. You will have to put yourself out there and face the odds.

3. Create a following
Seeing as you are a salesman now, you will have to learn about the importance of a following. Before deciding to print or publish, find a way to grow a following on social media. Start a blog or offer content on Patreon – there are many ways to find your niche on the internet. A following will help give you the motivation and compensation you need to carry on creating great comics.

4. Invest in your art and story
Bad art or bad storytelling will quickly cripple your comic book. Readers are more educated than ever before so make sure you don’t disappoint them. Invest in art lessons and read blogs on effective storytelling techniques to get the most out of your comic book creation.

If you’d like your idea illustrated, please feel free to get in touch with us and we can help bring your imagination to life on paper.

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