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Are you anywhere in India thinking of how to get the best 2D and 3D animation? Then look no further, Prayan is here to help you with all your personalized video production needs. We are the leading and the best video production company in India. Read this article to find out the video production services that we offer.

2D & 3D animation

We are the experts when it comes to 2D & 3D animation production. Our team of professional designers has specialized in pre-production-concept development, storyboard, background designs and many other areas. With us, you rest assured of getting the best designs designed by the most creative designers in India.

We also have a team of experts to attend to your 3D animation needs. The team has specialized in animation films, short films, animation movies and so forth.

Best graphic designs

We have delivered before to so many others, and we are confident of providing the best graphics again. Our team of designers is dedicated to providing high quality and stunning graphic designs that will amaze you. You will get high-end designs customized for your website’s needs. While we do not want to brag, we take pride in the best-designed sites in India. This has made us be ranked as the best graphic design company in India.

Software solutions

It is not just websites design that you will get from us; we also have a sister, the Prayan InfoTech that specializes in software solutions. As a leading software development company in India, the Prayan InfoTech Company will help you with your websites, web development, Android App development, iOS application and digital marketing.

Why choose us?

Being the leading video production company in India, you cannot lack reasons to use our services . Below are some of the basic reasons why you need us for your video production and graphic design needs:


We are the most affordable company in India. We understand that there are other costs involved in running your websites. Thus we have reduced the cost of our services to help you manage your work.


Our team of experts has been tested and approved by thousands of other clients. The quality of our work is unquestionable, and it is the best quality anyone can ever get anywhere in India.

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