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2D Animation

If you want to experience the magic of moving pictures, Prayan Animation studio can get you the best. At Prayan, we have a team with proven track record and vetted capabilities in - Pre-Production-Concept Development, Story Boards, Animatics, Production-Layout, background designs, Compositing, Post-Production-Editing & Final Mixing - Try us and you wouldn't want to try anyone else!

3D Animation

If you are searching for much more deeper and realistic animation you are at the right place. The 3D artists at Prayan Animation studio is well versed with long feature movies, advertisements, website animations and video game animations. The 3D animation and modelling requires a completely different skillsets and we have different artists for 3D Modelling and Animation.

Explainer Video

EVM- Explainer Video Makers, our sister concern specialized in Animated Explainer Videos, Animated Infographic, White Board Animation, Motion Graphic Video, Kinetic Typography Video and so on. Click here for enquiry.

2D and 3D Unity Gaming

At Prayan, we are one step forward in Unity 3D and 2D game development. This makes Prayan Animation to stand out as the best Game development company in India.Our team includes creative 2d, 3d artists along with AR and VR developers offering the best gaming experience.

Comic Book Illustration

The arise of comic book illustrations to tell a story starts from prehistoric times as painted series of images on caves, rocks and trees by humans. A comic book is a series of sequential illustration with a combination of short text, dialogues or annotations. The experienced artists at Prayan Animation serves the best comic book illustration.

Graphic Design

The creative design team in Prayan Animation is firm to put together their heads to stay up-to- date on latest graphic design trends. Design is all about presentation and if you are looking for the latest trends in design, then our dedicated team is here to inspire and fulfill your dreams. We are experts in generating graphic designs that enhance your dreams and capability by delivering high end visual communication that grabs your attention.

Software Solutions

Prayan infotech, our sister concern provide different types of software solutions. Our skilled software developers are experts in delivering custom software programs. Our service includes website designs, web development, Android as well as iOS Application and digital marketing. Click here for enquiry.

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