Why Stick Animations Are More Budget-Friendly?

The history and use of stick figures dates back to the caveman years and they have been used effectively for communicating concepts and ideas. Today stick figures are making a significant impact on communication and brand marketing. This may be attributed to the fact that people appreciate the simplicity of simple stickman while living in a complex world. Stick figure animations tend to be quite budget-friendly when compared to other types of animations. This is attributed to the following reasons.

Easy to create

Drawing stick figures is quite easy and this is why many beginners tend to use this type of animation instead of the more fleshed-out characters. A stick figure is a simple drawing of an animal or person. It is composed of just a few lines, dots, and curves. The head is usually represented by a circle and can be elaborated with details such as the mouth, eyes and roughly scratched out hair. The legs, torso, and arms are mainly represented using straight lines.

Available software

There are many free software that people can use to create stick animation videos. This means that you do not have to pay a professional to help you create this type of animation. The internet has all the resources that you need to create these videos as long as you have a basic understanding of the animating process.


The versatile nature of stick-figure animations makes them quite budget-friendly. They can be used in a wide range of applications, for example, movie posters, cartoon strips, flash games, toilet door signs and many more. This type of animation is an ideal choice where nothing else seems to fit in. They can be used for education purposes, in PowerPoint presentations, and just for animated fun.

Stick figure videos or video series can help businesses to communicate their message both internally and externally. Internally, these videos can communicate serious issues using some humor. This is because stickmen are considered as a non-threatening spokesperson and help to deflect from the human personalities that may hinder clear communications. Externally, stick figures create the impression of an unbiased spokesperson because they can handle things that many humans are unable to and they harmlessly interact with other stick figures.

Ref: How Animation can make Learning Interesting?

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