The Future Career Growth in the Animation Field

Work abounds for professionals in the animation field owing to the advancing technology across all mediums and the growing demand for content. The animation industry is growing at a very fast pace and it is now considered a multi-billion dollar industry that provides several employment opportunities for individuals who are passionate and committed.

Lots of work

There are countless offshoots of animation work that one can pick from in this growing industry. The video game industry requires animators to assist them in rendering concepts both inside and outside their games. The film production studios also need animators for full-on animated films and special effects or CGI on live-action movies. There are also increasing jobs in the technical and scientific fields.

Outsourcing of work

Big international companies and studios such as Walt Disney, Sony Pictures, Pixar, and Turner Entertainment are now offshoring the development of their animation content to other countries. This means that many off-shore production houses and animation studios are now jam-packed with work that is outsourced from abroad and also handle their own in-house projects. Animators can also find work online because of the increasing need for great engaging and converting content. This means that there is an increasing talent crunch in the industry and people are needed to fill up these vacancies.

Opportunities in all sectors

Work opportunities are growing tremendously for quality animators and related experts such as graphic designers, game developers, multimedia developers, keyframe animators, character designers, layout artists, 3D modelers, and many more. All these professionals can find work in sectors such as advertising, theater, film and television, cartoon production, e-learning, video gaming, and online and print news media.

When it comes to animation, opportunities exist both within the private sector enterprises and the government. There are numerous animation houses across the world that recruit talented animators. With proficiency and experience, the sky is the limit for animators as regards what they can earn. Some of the best jobs include animation director, creative director, production head, VFX director, modeling and rigging artists, lighting professional, and many more.

Apart from all these great opportunities, multimedia professionals or animators can also work as freelancers or start their own enterprises as long as they have funds for investment and entrepreneurial expertise. As the demand for content grows immeasurably, animators and artists who strive to meet this increasing demand will find great success in the industry today and in the future. The opportunity, demands, technology and importance of Animation in Today World is growing.

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