20th Sep: International Grenache Day

International Grenache Day observed at 3rd Friday in September. As mentioned, the Grenache takes its origins from the Aragon region of northern Spain, and from there has spread out to be cultivated in Sardinia, Southern France, San Joaquin Valley in California, and Australia. This grape has such an amazingly diverse flavor profile throughout its life, from raspberry/strawberry with a white pepper spice note in its early life, to aging in the wine to produce leathery and tar flavors. While such flavors may sound unpleasant to those who aren’t oenophiles (lovers of wine), they can be a point of delightful interest for those who make wine their passion. The Grenache Association established Grenache Day to celebrate this grape and all the varieties and vintages of wine that were produced from it. In fact, over the ages that have passed since it first began being used and cultivated, new varieties have appeared. The best way to celebrate Grenache Day is to spread the gospel of Grenache. Host an event on Grenache Day, get friends together and share some of your favorite Grenache vintages, or even host one at your local restaurant. There’s never a bad time or place to help let people know about this amazing grape and all the wines produced from it.

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