Christmas and New Year Gift ideas for your Friends

Christmas is the most popular and important festival celebrated throughout the world.  It is time for Christmas and let us celebrate in a unique way. There are different traditions associated with the celebration of Christmas and various ways in which we celebrate. It is really difficult to select a gift to someone special. Gifting is one of the common practices on every Christmas and we can have a look on some different gifting ideas on this Christmas and New Year. It is really important to cherish our friends and finding a cool Christmas or New Year gift must be our first priority on this celebration. A proper plan enables us to find the perfect gift for your Christmas friend on this year.

5 Great Christmas New Year Gift ideas

Choosing a Christmas or New Year gift to your friends is based on the intimacy of your relationship. Different ideas and concept arises depending on the relationship and age of your friend, say it can be either a kid or senior.

a. Toys and Books:

Christmas gift ideas: Christmas and New Year gift ideas for your friends 1

Great quality toys are a nice gift with attractive colours such as dolls, models or vehicles. You can also gift a chess set or a Rubik’s Cube as per interest and passion of your friend. Gift a book such as world classics or enlightening reading materials can be chosen as per your friend’s interest. Gifting a book enables and encourages one on their reading habit and helps them gain more knowledge.

b. Cakes, Wines, Chocolates or fruits

Christmas gift ideas: Christmas and New Year gift ideas for your friends 2

Cakes and wines are a common gift on Christmas. Since Christmas is an occasion to feast on delicious food as well as festive drinks, cakes and wines is the perfect gift for your dear ones. Fruit baskets are a common and good gift that you can present to your friend on this Christmas or New Year. It will be great to gift a box full or oranges, apples and other fruits along with chocolates since apples, oranges and chocolates represent safety, fortune and love respectively.

c. Clothes

Christmas gift ideas: Christmas and New Year gift ideas for your friends 3

As I mentioned earlier intimacy plays a vital role in selecting a gift and if you are quite intimate you can gift them new dresses or dress materials. But it is important to observe their dressing material, color, size and attitude before gifting them dress materials.

d. Unique and Memorable gift

Christmas gift ideas: Christmas and New Year gift ideas for your friends 4

Gifting unique and memorable one is the key or important idea which can be shared your intimate and dear ones. It can be either a memorable gift or a memorable moment that can be shared with your best friend or the intimate person. Some ideas are planning a trip, taking your friend to the most memorable place, gifting your friend’s model, printed T-shirt, caricature and so on.  Have a look on the caricature works done by Prayan Animation Studio which will inspire you for gifting.

e. Funny gifts

Christmas gift ideas: Christmas and New Year gift ideas for your friends 5

You can also gift something funny as per your friend’s character or habit to make a cherishable environment. This kind of gift creates memorable moments and happy environment among your dear ones than keeping the gift for a long time.

Let us make this Christmas and New Year memorable. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

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