Factors Separating Good Animator from the Bad Animator

When we talk about animation, the key most things that comes into our mind is the art involved in making these animation, qualities and the skills that are employed in order to ensure one is a potential and good animator. However, not everyone who practices the art of animating is a good animator. As a result, we bring you the factors that one considers and hence separates a good animator from a bad one.

First and foremost, for one to be a good animator, one major aspect that an individual can bank on while separating a good animator from a bad one is the level of creativity and imagination. A good animator from the works of his/her art portray a high level of creativity and imagination since the graphics that he animates are amazing, eye catching and attention seeking. Thus for one to be such a good animator, the level of creativity and imagination should be good to ensure all his works are at the epic of animation.

Additionally for one to be characterized and separated from the rest as a good animator, the person has to be patient and ensure great attention is directed to the finer details of the art. This means that, good animators not only do the animation tasks for rewards and wages but as well as the passion to do a good thing. This directs him to taking his time and ensures he delivers a quality job rather than a shoddy job for the sake of final rewards.

Furthermore, a good animator is characterized by the sense of humor and his level of keen observation to an object before doing the job. This facet of humor is important since it helps to maintain the audience during presentation and also it attracts and imparts interest bin someone to know more about something.

In summary, from the above explanations of qualities of a good animator, just to mention but a few, a good animator has much that is expected from him/her. Furthermore, to be a good animator, one also is supposed to be conversant with a variety of computer software and graphic techniques.

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