Free 2d animation software

It is really fun to create a unique creative animation with your own effort and voice over. Great animation software is essential in this field even if you are a beginner or an expert in animation. The requirement of free animation software is generally among students who are looking for creating a great carrier. Currently numerous free software’s are available online to create animation quickly and easily. But for a professional and best quality output it is necessary to contact a perfect animation company that meets your needs. The best part is that the available free software’s are equally effective as paid ones. The following list consists of top three free 2d animation software’s currently available online. Now turn on your ideas, make your creativity and these free software’s will help you to create great quality 2d animations.

Pencil 2D

Pencil 2D is free open source software available on Mac OS, Linux and Windows that helps to create 2D animation very effectively in least effort. Pencil 2D offers a wide range of stunning features available on most of the paid software’s. Still this software is packed with numerous important tools; the interface seems simple and immaculate. Pencil 2D also helps to export graphics along with flash video, movie and many other formats. Determining the frame rate, image import and sound, adding colors are some of the features offered by Pencil 2D software.

Pencil Software prayananimation


CreaToon helps to create 2D animations in cut out fashion and enable us to add a wide range of special effects very easily. The interface of creatoon seems very simple and outdated but capable of performing complex tasks resulting remarkable outputs.  It is really easy to access the main features since the menus are displayed on both sides of working area. You can determine the frame rate along with height and width but the interface cannot be customized on creatoon.

CreaToon Prayan Animation

Plastic Animation Paper

Plastic Animation Paper is the best 2D animation software for an expert animator. The uncomplicated and powerful tools in this software help to convert your creativity into animations and cartoons for free of cost. The main attractive of this software is to manage your swift sketching movements and as a result analysis of work as well as real time corrections can be done easily and quickly.

Plastic Animation Paper Prayan Animation

Make your creativity happen. If you are looking for free 2d animation software please try these software’s to create good quality animation outputs. But for a professional animation out it’s better to contact one of the best animation company in India. Prayan Animation is the leading 2d and 3d animation company in India for past few years serving the best quality outputs in affordable rate. Contact Prayan Animation now for more.


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