Six illustration styles you should know: Prayan Animation

Act of presenting your ideas via examples or describing informations in visual manner can be termed as illustration. Illustration can be drawings, paintings, graphs or photographs. In simple words an Illustration can be termed as visualization made by artist in form of image.

Types of illustration techniques
Illustration can be categorized into traditional and modern styles. Changes happen in styles over time with better medium, outputs and time consumption. Pen and paper is replaced by digital canvases with the help of illustrative software like Photoshop and 3D max. Have a look on types of illustration techniques.

  1. Woodcutting
  2. Metal Etching
  3. Pencil Illustration
  4. Charcoal Illustration
  5. Lithography
  6. Water Coloring
  7. Gouache illustration
  8. Acrylic illustration
  9. Collage illustration
  10. Pen and Ink illustration

Illustration Styles:
Style represents either a particular design genre or the way of expression. Let’s discuss six illustration styles that you should know.

  1. Concept art
  2. Comics and graphic novels
  3. Books and publications
  4. Advertisement illustration
  5. Packing illustration
  6. Branding illustration

1. Concept art
Illustration for gaming, fantasy illustrations and One-Pager fine illustrations are generally done on concept art. The artist creates several concepts for a particular theme and client can choose from the created concepts for further development.

Concept art illustration

2. Comics and graphic novels
Comics are the medium combined of text and visual information to express stories or ideas. In short comics can be defined as an artistic medium composed of images and text.

Comics and graphic novels illustration

3. Books and publications
Currently book illustration can be designed and printed easily in using many techniques. The role of illustration in books is to create an eye-catching covers to grab attention of readers.

4. Advertisement
Unlike books and publication illustration, advertisement type of illustration is meant to steal the show and grab a quick attention than sharing an idea. Illustration is chosen by a wide range of companies in order to make their advertisement better style and attractive than photography.

advertisement illustration

5. Packing illustration
The importance’s of packing illustration arise in differentiating product on shelf during business. Business such as jewelry, children’s products, and bakers choose illustration packing to grab more attention to audience in an easier way. Elegance, custom feel and personalized touch are the main advantages of illustration packing.

packing illustartion

6. Branding illustration
Branding illustration, especially logo type of illustration requires specific skills and more attention to make sure the readability, message and brand value. Logos should be small, simple and memorable. Business also demands to create cartoonic characters or mascots for branding.

Branding illustration

Where to get a professional illustrator?
It’s really difficult to create your own illustration out with unique style and quality. Don’t worry Prayan Animation is ready to serve you with dedicated professional illustrators to meet your needs in different illustration styles.

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