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5 Basic principles of animation

Animators follow a strict guideline of 12 principles to create the most believable movement. But 5 basic principles stand above the rest as the most important. Your animation will fall flat and look wooden if they key principles are ignored

1.Squash and stretch
Squash and stretch gives weight and believability to an object. Imagine a rubber ball bouncing on the ground. As it hits the ground it squashes and it comes back up it stretches. A metal ball on the other hand would barely squash or stretch. This is how you give weight to your animation.

5 Basic principles of animation

One of the most overlooked principles, anticipation is important to give animations a sense of grounding. Before getting up from a chair, you need to position your body to help you move. It would be unnatural to get up without using your arms to help push your body up. This is why anticipation is so important.

Anticipation animation

3.Ease in ease out
Imagine a clock’s swinging pendulum. It slows down on each side before gaining speed. The swing from side to side would be fastest in the middle and naturally slow down on each side. This is the basic concept of easing in and out. It makes movement feel more natural.

Ease in ease out animation

The number of drawings for a given action will vary depending on the movement needed. Fast movements get less drawing while slow, complicated ones need more. Timing will give believability to the movement of your characters and objects.

Solid Drawing

5.Solid Drawing
Without solid drawing practices, an animator cannot animate effectively. Solid drawing means the animator understands the dimensions of the object in 3D space. Volume, depth and weight can be conveyed to the necessary movement.

Solid Drawing

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