How to choose children’s book illustration portfolio?

Do you have a story that you can’t wait to put down on paper for children and don’t know how? Well, you are not alone. Many of the authors out there would wish to write children’s books but are too afraid given that they aren’t sure if they have what it takes to start writing.

The best way to write a book that will have children glued to it from the first to the last page is by having a basic illustration that brings out their imagination. And putting up a children’s book illustration portfolio is never a walk in the park. This article looks at how one can be able to carry out this task without feeling the immense pressure of writing children’s books.

Before you start writing a children’s book, there are some things you first need to understand. Below are some of them:

Purpose of the book

What do you want to achieve from the book? Is it to educate the children or just entertain them with the pictures and illustrations? This is an essential consideration before you start writing a children’s book.

What is your target age-group?

What is the age of the children you are targeting? We all know that children get interested in various books depending on how old they are. For this reason, you need to be sure of the age of the children that you are targeting.

Publication platform

After writing the book, how will it reach the children? There are various platforms that you can engage to reach as many children as possible. Research on the best platform before you start writing.

There many other factors that you have to consider, among them the characters to use, the color of the characters and other illustrations in the book among many other things.

And how do you choose the right company for your children’s book portfolio?

Choosing the right company to publish your children’s book is equally important. There are many things you have to look at before assigning the task to any particular company. Below are some of the things you have to pay close attention to:

Responsiveness of the publisher’s website

You want the book to reach as many children as possible, and the loading time of the website is a great determinant. Ensure that the website does not take more than ten seconds to load, noting that website visitors don’t have all the patience on a single website.

The color of the items on the website

The display on the company’s profile plays a very significant role when it comes to attracting the attention of readers. Note that it will mostly be parents looking to purchase children’s books for their kids. And therefore the color of the items on the website will lay a vital role in catching their attention.

Customer service of the company

The company should provide all the details on how to contact them in the event you have any issue that needs clarification. At the same time, how fast the customer desk of the company responds to your inquiries is vital when deciding which company to use.


What other projects have the company done before? Or are you going to be the fast client on their portfolio? It is always recommended to avoid those companies with no prior experience when it comes to creating and publishing children’s books.

Generally, there is a lot of information that one can get from the company profile before settling on it to create a portfolio for you. Reviews by previous clients form the basis of what to consider when choosing a good company.

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