How to Make a Short-Animated Documentary

Nowadays, animation films have become popular in the entertainment industry. There is a 2D animation studio in India that can help you, or you can do it alone. The animations are funny and can be watched by the whole family. Creating a short-animated film is as easy as the simple steps below.

Write a Script

First and foremost, you need to have a good story and write it down to a script. Give your ideas a structure before you can put them into action. The script should have a theme, characters, a beginning, a middle and an end.

Create Your Characters

Your animation will be incomplete without the characters. You can sketch your characters in different costumes, poses, and expressions just to know how they will look like. In an animated film, you are not limited to the kind of characters you can create. It all depends on your imagination and creativity.

Create Your Storyboard

The storyboard is an individual drawing used in the production of any film. When creating your storyboard, make sure it has the key poses. You do not need the background detail in your storyboard. You can make your work easier by using the free storyboard templates available online or at an animation studio.

Create the Animatics

Making the animatics is the fun part of creating the animated story, but you can get help from an animation company as well. You need to put the storyboard in editing software. You just need to play around with them, cutting and extending until you get the final film.

Drawing out the Backgrounds

The background needs to be at high resolution. You can use a mixture of paint programs and crayons depending on your taste and preferences. Make sure that you label your layers and separate.

Cut Film into Final Version

Once you are satisfied with everything, you need to finish off your animated film. Polish it to make sure everything falls into place. Make sure the scenes flow smoothly. You can have them created at a 2D animation Studio.

Creating a short-animated documentary is not hectic. All you need to do is just follow a few simple steps and you will have created a masterpiece. You can also decide to leave the job to the professionals by hiring the services of Prayan animation, a 2D animation studio in India.

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