The Future of 2 Dimensional Animation

There are many trends in the digital world. One of these trends is 2D animation. This refers to the creating of moving pictures in a 2 dimensional work space. There is traditional 2D and digital 2D. The traditional one refers to the use of a pencil and paper to make sequential drawings that provide an illusion of movement. However, mainstream 2D involves the use of software to create these pictures. 2D animations are very unique and provide interesting, eye-catching videos. 2D is greatly growing and will be an important part in the future of animation. Some of the upcoming trends in animation include:

Combination of 2D and 3D

When making animations, one can either use 2D or 3D. However, over the years, the trend of using them together has become more common. This is because the combination of both techniques gives the final product a sophisticated look. It also makes the animation more appealing to the audience. It is done by giving 3D images a 2D effect. This combined technique can be used in many different areas such as promotional and educational videos.


In this era of technology, businesses have had to boost their marketing in order to reach as many people as possible. It can be done by making use of different digital platforms. This is because many people now use the Internet, mobile phones, tablets or the television for information. In order to do so, businesses need to come up with short, interesting animations to catch their customers’ attention. This is done using 2D animation. It is a trend that is expected to continue in future and will help with marketing which in turn brings in more customers.


Apps are important because they allow you to access services on your devices. Most apps previously used to have a plain interface that did not have any appeal to the user. However, in the recent times, most companies have begun integrating 2D animation in their apps. This is a trend that is expected to continue in the future. 2D animation is usually used in features like the zooming in and out and navigation. This holds visual appeal for the user making their experience better.

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