Why Animation Career is Not Suitable for Everyone ?

Animation experts are everywhere and their work involves the creation of special effects, animations, and other types of visual images using electronic tools like computers for creations and products. They do commercials, special effects, motion graphics, medical explanations, online advertisements, and reconstructing crime scenes for forensic purposes. They can also design animated graphics for websites, create virtual tours for model homes and building architecture and produce military practice simulations. However, an animation career is not for everyone. Therefore, in such a competitive and specialized field, you need to be confident that you have all it takes to succeed in this career before you invest your energy and time pursuing it.

Innate abilities

Animation is not an easy career and not everyone can succeed in it. It is a long and tedious process for many people than what is generally perceived. People need to know that animation is a blend of both science and art. Therefore, for you to thrive in this career path, you need to have an artistic eye and you should also enjoy breaking down things to determine how they work. This means that you need to determine the innate qualities that will enable you to pursue this animation career. By knowing your expertise and skills well in advance, you will avoid wasting your effort and time if animation is not the right fit for you.

Be extremely observant

Successful animators have an observant eye and they have the drive to continually enhance the way they observe space and form. When it comes to animation, the traditional techniques in the education process are very important. Successful animators must have an unmatched understanding of forms in 3D space irrespective of whether they will be transferring that digitally or manually. If one is not extremely observant in their work, they may not produce the best results and may end up feeling inadequate or less creative.

Creativity and patience

Animators need to be extremely creative given the dynamic nature of the world today. In addition, they should have the patience to handle their projects well and produce the best results. A lot of planning is needed for every project and this will determine whether your animations will be cringe-worthy or pleasing to your audience.

Bringing dynamic images to life is quite exciting for many people. However, a career in animation is not a walk in the park as many people presume. Animators usually work for long hours and this includes weekends and nights because they must adhere to strict project deadlines. However, if you are passionate about animation and you are determined to succeed, then you should not be discouraged by the fast-paced and high-pressure environment.

Reference: The Future Career Growth in the Animation Field



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