International Animation Growth vs. Indian Animation Growth

The animation industry is growing tremendously in the International space and India.  This is attributed to the increasing demand for animation projects across the world. Due to easy access to technology, animation is now available to the masses and it has become one of the fastest-growing industries in the globe.  India is fast becoming an influential hub for outsourcing of animation production services. In addition, it is also developing a lucrative domestic market for viewers at a very high rate.

The animation companies in India have significantly benefited from global animation giants such as Sony, Warner Brothers, Imax, and Disney since they are outsourcing their special effects and animation characters to Indian firms. The ever increasing demand in outsourcing across the world has led to the establishment of many animation companies in India. These companies are setting up hubs in major cities such as Chennai, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Trivandrum, Kochi, Thiruvananthapuram, and Bangalore.

India is attractive as an animation hub because of high-quality software engineers, good studios, low costs, a large pool of creative talent, and presence of an English-speaking workforce. Many multi-national companies and production studios are continuously exploiting the low costs production that India offers.  Animation companies in India are also creating skilled manpower through the provision of various training programs. This means that the Indian animation industry will continue growing in line with the international bloom being experienced today.

The rapid growth of the animation industry in India and internationally is attributed to the development of new animation software and technologies. The market growth is influenced by multi-industrial applications, the thriving entertainment industry, availability of animation merchandise, and favorable government regulations. Additionally, the availability of cheaper internet connectivity and low cost hardware has also resulted in the production of free software downloads.

The Indian animation industry is also blooming owing to the presence of good studios. India is considered to be the second-largest entertainment industry just after Hollywood. Most animation studios in the country offer a large supply of high-quality and low-cost software engineers.  Indian animation companies have established high-tech studios that are equipped with the necessary cutting-edge software and hardware to handle different overseas projects.

Both the global and Indian animation industry has experienced tremendous growth over the last few years and this is not stopping any time soon.  India is emerging to be a preferred outsourcing destination for many western animation companies and it is developing and showcasing its own potentials and capabilities. This sector has tremendous potential owing to the availability of talented and affordable expertise and the emergence of different industry-related companies and organizations.

Reference: The Future of 2 Dimensional Animation



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