Formerly, character-based animation videos were used just for entertainment by the movie industry, but these days they have gotten so popular that almost all industries use them for branding, marketing and promotion. These videos are made in an animation studio and use animated characters to pass across messages or information to the audience. So why have these 2D animation videos gotten so popular? Well, we are going to give you 3 reasons why almost everyone loves character-based animation videos.

1) Storytelling

Adding a character to your animation video makes it more interesting. People love stories and they would want to know the story behind your character. That is why animation companies model the characters in their videos to have both problems and needs; just like every other human in real life. The more people can relate with the characters in an animation video, the more they will want to watch it.

2) Captures The Kid In Us

So many people spent most of their childhood watching character-based animation videos, also known as cartoons. Back then, they enjoyed it so much that it became a habit.

Now that they are adults, when they come across a 2D animation video with fun characters, they can’t resist watching it because it reminds them of their childhood.

3) Cost And Freedom In Creativity

Character-based animation videos are cost effective and gives room for more creativity. Unlike in real videos, you don’t need a very big budget to bring an idea to life. To create a character-based animation video, all you just need to do is find an animation company, tell them of your idea and everything will be created in an animation studio, at an affordable cost.

Also, character-based animation gives room for more creativity. There are some ideas that are difficult to implement in real videos, but you can do a lot with 2D animation videos.

Finally, you have now seen why character-based animation videos are popular. It is quite obvious that people relate more to animation videos these days. Therefore, it advisable to use animation videos for marketing your brand and products. You can get professional character-based animation videos from Prayan Animation Studios. We are the best 2D animation studio in India, because we have an experienced team that has handled thousands of projects and we deliver quality animation videos at an affordable price.





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