Getting highly ranked on YouTube comes with an amazing benefit; popularity. Most YouTubers definitely want to get popular on the platform, because the most popular channels and videos get the most views and engagement.

But how do you move from getting a couple of views and likes to hitting thousands of views and comments on your videos? Well, the answer is simple. Whether you’re uploading 2D animation videos or real videos, to rank higher on YouTube you need to optimize your videos. YouTube SEO is what makes a video stand out among other similar videos. For instance, a video about 2D animation might get 100 views and another video about the same subject gets 10k views. Its all about optimization.

In this article, we’ll show you how to make use of YouTube SEO. Here are 3 ways to make your videos rank higher on YouTube.

Choose a Focus Keyword

If you want your rankings on YouTube to go really high, you need to choose a focus keyword even before uploading your video on YouTube. Focus keywords are important because they help users search for your videos. So, if you want the search engines to work in your favor, you need to use the relevant keywords. In case you find it difficult to come up with a focus keyword for your video, you can use keywords research tools like Ahrefs, SEMrush, and Keywords Everywhere to find relevant keywords.

Optimise the Title

Getting a focus keyword is the first thing to consider when talking about ranking high on YouTube. After you get a keyword, you need to effectively utilize it in several ways. You can start with optimizing your title. However, you should never rely only on the keyword when creating a title for your video, your title needs be engaging and compelling to stand out from almost 400hours of videos being uploaded on YouTube every 60 seconds!

Here’s how you can create an attention-grabbing title. Every YouTube user wants to watch entertaining or educative videos. To catch their attention, you must clearly state what your video will do for them in your title. For example, if you create videos about 2D animation, the title ‘2D animation tutorial’ is not enough. Rather, you can say, ‘I will teach you how to make 2D animation videos’.

Include the Right Tags

Tags are very important for YouTube SEO ranking. You need to also include your focus keyword in your ‘tags’, in order to increase the visibility of your video when users search. You can use related keywords too. For example, a person posting a video about 2D animation can use the following tags: 2D Animation Videos, 2D Animation, Animation Studio, Animation Company, 2D Animation Company.

These are all related tags that can make the person’s video rank higher.


The video thumbnail is not a ranking factor that YouTube, uses directly but it still has an impact on SEO

A good or eye-catching thumbnail gets more click and that means better SEO. Many people click the video by looking at their thumbnails.

Now that you know how to rank high on YouTube, the next thing is to keep your fans engaged. You can keep your subscribers coming back by using 2D animation videos to entertain your viewers. Get professional character-based animation videos from Prayan Animation Studios. We are the best 2D animation studio in India because we have an experienced team that has handled thousands of projects and we deliver quality animation videos at an affordable price.

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