What not to do as a New Animator?

Someone once said that if you join a game, you need to study the rules first then you play your best. Similarly, when you join the animation world, you have to understand its rules first then you perform your best. This means there are some things and acts that you are not supposed to do as a new animator in order to propel your breakthrough. Therefore, this article clearly explains what you are not supposed to do as a new animator.

First and foremost, as a new animator, you are not supposed to talk. That’s hilarious. When dealing with the studio or organization hierarchy or even the senior animators, you need to keep your mouth shut. This is because; in a meeting almost nobody would like to hear your opinion or critic and furthermore, you are not supposed to defend yourself or even interrupt when you’re taking notes. To elaborate, as a new animator, you are still new to the animation environment and hence you have not learned the stripes and the politics of the same place. Hence you need to take time and learn before you start yapping around.

Secondly, as a new animator, you are not supposed to rush your work instead take time and ensure you submit a quality service to the client. At first, you might be subjected to pressure and time refrains but at the end, the quality of your work is what will be voted for. Hence it is advisable to avoid compromising your quality for quantity of work done. Additionally, if you cannot work with fast and quality then avoid fast and middling. As a new animator, better be slow but sure.

Moreover, do not complain or be pessimistic. As a new animator, your work is unsteady enough hence you need to avoid enemies who can be brought about by badmouthing coworkers or backbiting the studio life in general. Besides, avoid gossiping, humming, judging and complaining. Being on the positive side and avoiding bad companies will strengthen your reputation and at the same time improve your work efficiency.

Additionally, do not take critics at a personal level. As a new animator, you have to know when someone criticizes your work; he/she is not targeting you personally. Instead we have to love honest and no-hold barred critics since they help us grow in one way or another. Last but not least, you have to be open during a critic else you will find yourself stagnating at one point of your profession.

In addition, do not isolate yourself. At wherever place you will be do not form a cocoon of solitude but instead seek advice and comments about your work in a respectful manner from other coworkers. You need to be socially open and friendly to other colleagues. If you find yourself stuck in one way or another seek assistance quickly and instantly rather than later. This will help you cultivate a good relationship with workmates.

In conclusion, as a new animator you have to observe the rules of the studio and work environment and work according to perfect in your work and satisfy end results. This will help you to gain other people confidence and hence trust over something and you will find yourself automatically suit in any work environment.

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