Best 2d Animation Studio in India: Prayan Animation Studio

2D animation videos have become an inevitable part of our fast moving modern world and is considered as an art in the online and social media. The benefits of 2D animation are innumerable compared to the boring and unattractive reading texts. 2D animation plays a vital role in the growth of small start-up businesses, education, and increasing the social media traffic.

Basically, 2D animation focuses on creating characters, story boards, and back grounds and movements in a 2D artistic space. The main advantages of 2D Animation is lesser and simple production time, cost and technology. However the 2D artists have to be highly creative and should be equipped with latest technology for great output.

Why you need to choose Prayan Animation Studio for your 2D Animation services? Prayan Animation Studio  is one of the best animation company in India. Prayan Animation Studio has delivered high quality 2D animations and optimum services in the 2D industry. We can help you right from the concept creation to the final output. Prayan Animation studio has a team of professional and well experienced voice over artists from all over the world to provide our clients with excellent voice over services.

The 2D animation process at Prayan Animation Studio is carried out in different steps.


  • Scripting
  • Story Board
  • Voice Over
  • Animatic
  • Design


  • Layout
  • BG painting
  • Animation
  • Compositing


  • Sound Effects
  • Editing
  • Final Out

Some of 2d animation movies that pitched animation industry are Spirited Away, The Lion King, A Charlie Brown Christmas, Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, Ghost in the Shell, The Iron Giant, and Ninja Scroll and so on.

What we are?

Over the past 7 years, Prayan Animation studio have been able to offer the best 2D animation services along with illustrations, 3d animations, comic book illustrations, infographic animations, children’s book, caricature and graphic designs. High quality output in desired time makes us one of the best 2d Animation Studio in India within this short span of time. Our cutting edge technology and production quality enables us to pitch a couple of animation awards for our various client works. The quality of our output in desired time enables Prayan to grab the best animation studio title and a unique brand name in this industry.

Services we offer:

  • 2d animation
  • 3d animation
  • Explainer videos
  • Illustrations
  • Caricature
  • Comic Books
  • Graphic Design
  • Software Solutions
  • Digital Marketing

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Prayan is termed as “All Business Solutions Under One Roof” since we serve best quality animation, explainer videos, Designs and all IT solutions. Get a look on our portfolio:


In summary, prayan animation studio stands out different from all other studio’s in India due to timely delivery of projects in desired quality. Prayan’s clientele includes MNC’s, SME’s, and small start ups. Contact us now and receive a world class service and designs at your reach.

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