How important is drawing in animation? A detailed Survey

In every task that we do, even when in class, there are some procedures and methods that are put in place to ensure a swift flow of any task. In a similar way, in animation there are various defined routes that one has to take in order to find it easy to come up with animation of interest. Among them is drawing. Many of the upcoming animators decide to avoid or rather evade this stage and rush to the other forward steps and hence, they end up stranded or even developing animation characters they did not anticipate. As a result, the following are some key importance of drawing why is reinforced by key animation studios, for example the Prayan Animation Studio in India.

Firstly, by coming up with a drawing or rather a sketch of what you want to develop as an animator before starting to develop and engineer your different parts, it is equally important to come up with a drawing to enable you have a glimpse or rather an eye for its anticipated motion and anatomy detail. Furthermore, by coming up with a drawing before you start the activity of designing digitally, it gives you a direct and straightforward approach to the ideas in your mind.

Additionally, it is important more so for the individuals who are doing digital 2D animation. It is important for a good professional animator to come up with a drawing to enable you to quickly and easily figure out the key poses and moves that you wish to develop.

Concurrently, drawing before animating is a good communication tool in that apart from its use in sketching concrete objects, it can also be used in transmitting ideas and concepts. These are important more so in aiding people who do not have knowledge of interpreting detailed drawings.

From the above, it can be seen that drawing in animation is an essential tool to ensure success whether in traditional or in digital computer animation design.  Furthermore, in traditional animation, it is equally important right from the start to end of the animation hence no means of evading it. However, this should not prevent you, Prayan Animation Studio based in India is there to aid you in any task that requires animation right from drawing to designing production.  We are here for you. Just a phone call away and get served by Prayan animation Studio.

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