The advantage of an animated movie over the live action movie

When comparing animated movie and live film movie, many parameters can be considered apart from the personal preferences and tastes. Basically, an animated movie can be said to be better compared to the live action film simply because, the animated movies require more talented and skilled personnel to handle than a regular standard live action movie. Furthermore, a live action movie does not require much attention as far as creation is concerned apart from proper lighting, coloring and small digital enhancements by use of computer to improve the appearance and quality. Whereas, animated movies, there is direct exhibition of special skills and effort. In line with the above, the following are some of the advantages that animated movies have over the live action movies.

Firstly, animated movies do not require actors, props and many stage objects or some expensive locations in order that they may be produced. This means that there are no sets to build or locations to find and hence no temperamental actors to overprotect. Compare to the live action films, this saves you time, energy and money.

Additionally, animated video movies require less resources and have a short production time to create compared to the live action videos. In a more elaborative manner, the point means that animated videos have the advantage over live action videos in that for live action videos, there needs to be some camera, props, shooting, travelling and time for editing is also required whereas for an animated video, time for scripting and voice-over are the only times required hence less time to produce an animated video than a live action video.

Additionally, animation videos enjoy the merit that it is possible to quickly and effectively explain a concept in a short while. For instance, a whiteboard animation in such a case can simply use few steps to take one through an intricate topic or even link a series of diverse yet related scenarios in a concise way just in a short time.

From the above stated points it is clear that the animated video is quite advantageous compared to the live action video since the animated video has simple developing methods and also takes a short time to create and supply. Additionally the animated video takes little resources and production costs.

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