Women in the Animation Industry

The contribution of women in the advancement of any industry is undeniable. Even the most successful companies in the world succeeded due to the right people in their workforce. There must be a gender balance in your workforce because it will bring diversity in your thoughts, ideas and decision-making processes.

When it comes to animation industry women, have a significant role in it. As the animation industry is touching new heights of success and has made tremendous progress in the last few years, but still the imbalance of women in the industry is challenging and hard to ignore. The animation industry was valued at 259 billion in 2018, and it is expected that it will be shooting up to 280 billion in 2020. According to the survey conducted by Women in Animation, an advocacy group, 60% of the animation students in the US and Europe are women, but there is a drop rate of 20%-40% as they move onto the professional animation industry.

Women are present in production roles but not directorial and technical roles. In all most all the top creative animation studios, the creative leads are always men especially compositors, FX artists, and generalists. Thus arises a question, why there is a lack of female animators? Many cited it as an issue of confidence that emanates from centuries of oppression of women, or the typical male domination in all the powerful positions that is going on until the end of the time.

Talking about gender, you might be thinking about who is dominating the industry? Men or women? Well, it is sad to hear that there is still a gender imbalance in the industry. Men are leading the industry, with 75% of the population, which is a significant concern. According to stats, 60% of the students studying animation courses in different animation schools and institutes are women, but why men are leading the industry? Well, when this question was raised back in 2018 the most common reason that was found is that most of the women lost interest in the field after completing their studies that caused a significant drop in the population of women in the animation industry.

The industry is full of creative women, and we have to make a strenuous effort to work with female talent, thus supporting them to develop their unique talent, voices, and experiences in the creative industry. However, once they have their foot in the industry, their experiences are mostly optimistic and assured. It’s only a matter of encouraging women to climb up the ladder and reach that top position.  Through the initiatives carried out by Animated women, free the bid and WIA, there is a new ray of hope for the women in the animation industry.

Now in 2020, trends are changing, and media is paying particular attention to the women. It is already positively impacting the animation industry. A lot of female animators are getting inspired by their pioneers in the animation industry. Though males seem to be leading the animation industry in the past, Still, there were several females’ animators that worked very hard for the industry, and their works cannot be forgotten. They are serving as an inspiration for today’s women, and their practices are still used as an inspiration for new animators in different 2d animation studios.

On this International women’s Day, Prayan Animation Studio, one of the Leading Creative 2D Animation Studio in India is saluting all the women’s talents in the animation industry. We provide equal opportunities to both men and women and has earned significant fame in the animation industry.  Our 2D and 3D animation services are the best in the market. Visit https://www.prayananimation.com/ to have a look at the best animators’ work. Prayan Animation provides high-quality services to small and large business that need animations and graphics work. If you are looking for fast and reliable services, then Prayan Animations is the best choice for you.

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