10 Things To Know Before You Start A Comic

Each one of us grew up admiring certain superheroes that we saw and read about on comic books. That alone triggered a lot of questions on how one came up with all those amazing characters well drawn and portrait the superheroes’ characters. Hence we came up with this simple guide that will help you start a comic successfully.

1 Understand what are comic: It’s very paramount when we are conversant with what we want to create as that alone will serve as an impetus to creating the best art that everyone would love. This comes in as some might want to do know just out of fun or make web comics as they are no name artists and want to have fun.

2 Planning: Planning for a comic is getting all the necessary information before starting one, this includes the entire items that you might need on the course of the drawing, costing and sourcing.

3 Get the idea: After you have planned for it, getting the idea of what you want to pass to others. This is very important as it helps one to fully interpret every character to its best as graphic novels require dedication and love to do them.

4 Writing a script: Most people feel like hell when they realize that there’s much writing to be done. That’s the sweetness of doing comics, by writing down a story line and getting to interpret the flow of each one by one will help you to draw without forgetting a detail and makes work easier by making a work schedule for each part.

5 Layout: The most attractable way to do this is by designing the storyboard which fully presents the picture of your work and someone can easily visualize it. It simply gives you the finer details of each step and any new thing to introduce.

6 Drawing: Here it doesn’t matter whether you are doing it traditionally or digital way, drawing seems tedious always. Here you can draw your comics well and its good to avoid spending much time for perfection.

7 Inking: Here perfection is always needed at all characters, this is because you are going to show the last product that you want to give out and any mistake should be eliminated.

8 Lettering: This comes in handy when showing sound effects or an action. Proper lettering brings out the good of a comic and it’s good to try quality lettering fonts and hands draw a few.

9 Marketing: Getting your comic a market isn’t an easy thing, one has to be patient. Luckily nowadays we have the social media, try and tell your audience of the journey you are undertaking and even give them a snippet of the same that will market the work well.

10 Don’t fear asking questions: Its good if one takes in criticism from someone who has checked the work and ask on how you can make the work better.

With all the above tips hope you are all good to go and make a great comic book and tell your story.

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