A Survey on the Transition of Old Classical Animation and New Digital Animation

As far as technological advancement is concerned, many things in life shift from one stage to another and also methods of doing things change from one to another depending on the simplicity and the efficiency of the methods. In the animation industry, advancement in technology and techniques of handling animation also cause transition from one form of animation to another due to the suitability and effectiveness of the intended purpose.

The old classical animation majorly entailed physical design and development of these animation on physical medium. However, with the advent of computer animation design, many traditional techniques have been put aside. This is because, the traditional animation or rather the old classical animation had many disadvantages which hindered efficient operation in their development. The development of digital animation has come along with many advantages and improvements that has led to many industries to do away with the old animation mechanisms to new animation techniques. Consider some of the following merits are the sole reasons for the transition that took place.

Firstly, the transition from old classical animation to digital animation happened because the invention of the digital computer animation led to the reduction of tedious jobs and calculation that were done by humans and consumed a lot of time. Additionally, many challenges and difficulties that were met in old classical animation like lighting and calculation involved are currently done by the computers.

Additionally, the transition from old classical animation to the new digital animation was geared by the fact that the computer animation has the capacity to clearly outlay many features that were distorted on the real life old animation. For instance, the surface of the sun or the bottom of a borehole. Additionally, the fine arts that were destroyed by the external forces eg man, natural calamities, through the computer animation, they can be regenerated and even their former glory restored.

In a nutshell, old classical animation was better but the new digital animation is best. Basing on some of the merits of the new digital animation, it can be clearly seen that the new digital animation has many advantages compared to the traditional one. As a result, it can be said that the transition from the old classical animation to new digital one was worth the move. Therefore, with enough confidence, we urge you to click the contact us button for high quality new digital animation films and clips that suit your work and your desired purpose.

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