Five questions that each creator needs to ask themselves.

Creators like everyone else desire for improvement and making something different out of what they have been doing in the previous times. This desire cannot be achieved if they cannot realize who they are, who they can become and what new they can develop. These five questions will help one to evaluate them easily and come realize their potential apart from the assumed one.

1 What was I doing a year ago?

This is one of the simplest questions that one will need to ask themselves as it triggers one to look back into their journey of creating content for a market. Was I too much into comics? Was I immersed into hand drawn graphics or into streamline distribution of content?  By understanding fully your past one can engage further to explore.

2 Am I still growing?

In this world full of competition, growth is another aspect which a creator cannot avoid, simply who you were a year ago doesn’t matter; what you are now counts a lot and it’s very significant. Those intense times that you feel like doing more are very useful as they push us into doing more than what we imagined, there’s no comfort zone for creators unless you keep pace with the rest and hold your share.

3 What makes me unique?

Every time I do ask myself “what is that thing that only me can do?

This question really needs seriousness in tackling it: there are many creators as you out there and as much you can keep up to their pace, it’s also good to cut out yourself from the rest by providing something unique from the rest. In that way you could have cut competition into half and taken your market share, take things that you are really good at seriously as being good isn’t all about your one thing but a sum of all your input.

4 What skill do I need to learn next?

Being a creator needs for constant improvement, and this does not apply to bettering your acquired skills but also adding a little more on top of what you know. In a nut shell each skill you add down your life will lead you to a good path as you never know where you will land the next day. Take time off your normal schedule and discover another skill which you can perfect and don’t be forced to learn but do it out of your own will as part of exploring new heights.

5 Do I enjoy what I’m doing?

This is a mother of all questions as it digs deep into the heart of the creator’s work and life. Enjoying what you do creates an environment good for growth; this is because in each set of loving what you do, that feeling of boredom and being burdened disappears and as a creator rise to new heights of success

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